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Do you have a burning ambition to be an innovative leader in credit?

As Australia’s first provider of coaching and mentoring programs for credit professionals and teams, we bring success into your world on both personal and professional levels.

Two key aspects that create success is your belief that you are the best that you can be, and having an experienced mentor who challenges, coaches and supports you.

Some of the amazing results our clients gained in both individual and organisational growth include:

  • 100% clarity and direction
  • 90% Improvement in relationship dynamics
  • Successfully achieved increased target collections by $2.4 million
  • 194% return on investment (i.e. an ROI of $1.94 for every $1- invested in our program)
  • 90% Sustainable behavioural change improvement due to coaching

Our unique blend of professional coaching and building practical credit skills creates a holistic approach to developing the person behind the position.

This is the reason why we continue to develop authentic and successful leaders in credit management.

Take your Credit Leadership to the next level by calling us now on 0432577058 to discuss the next step.

Your growth is our priority.

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Client Services

Guarantee your growth and development.

Lead | Trust | Focus | Gain

Positive results in profit, revenue, productivity, time-savings and cost reduction are guaranteed with our proven C-IQ coaching methodology that already has had a global impact on Estee Lauder, Dunn & Bradstreet, American Express, Xerox, Burberry, and IBM to name a few.

Understanding how to lead, build trust and create focus for Credit Leaders is the first step toward gain for personal and professional success.

Our Lead | Trust | Focus | Gain coaching program is flexible and designed with you and your team in mind.

Because your success is our success.

Here you can find out more about our LTFG Coaching & Mentoring program or LTFG Speaking Engagements

Our custom coaching and mentoring program uses Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) and Coaching with ROI™ methodologies. This means that we provide solid evidence and data to reflect the positive monetary impact as a result of coaching.

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