every-day-confidence seminar

Are you lacking the courage and confidence to speak up or take action?

Are you feeling unappreciated, or have a low sense of self-worth? Do you feel opportunities are passing you by in life? Dealing with toxic relationships at work or home? When you have lost your personal power, you have lost trust in yourself. This means you are actively keeping your brain in victim-mode without seeing a possible way out.

Imagine talking your way back into personal power.

Words create worlds. Ever wondered what your world looks like? Your brain makes no distinction between your thoughts or spoken word. So the chemical cocktail you’re serving up will either shut you down or open you up to experiences in your life. Learn how to look through the C-IQ* lens. Activate that part of your brain that lets you trust what you sense, hear and feel.

Be in your personal power.

Successfully navigate with how things are in your life! Make the choice to move your brain out of victim-mode and create the space for self-trust to emerge. This every-day-confidence seminar will have you walk away with strategies to Lead, Trust, Focus and Be a more confident you!

*C-IQ stands for Conversational Intelligence™ – an extension of the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) discipline which focuses on self-regulation. C-IQ builds on EQ by moving from self-regulating to co-regulating with others through neuroscience-based communication. 

every-day-confidence Seminar Objectives:

  • Understand the neuroscience and impact of positive and negative conversations
  • Learn how to move from victim-mode into self-leadership
  • Learn how to access your intuitive self
  • Experience an amazing brain exercise to set your intention and use focus
  • How to apply practical steps to create every-day-confidence


  • Successfully up-regulate and navigate your mental chatter
  • Acting from a place of inner trust
  • Being in healthier relationships
  • Feeling more energy and less stress
  • Effectively use practical skills to negate trigger situations
  • Successfully use easy every-day-confidence building techniques
  • Own your personal power lovingly

Register for our seminar now as places are limited.

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