Ira is a professional coach certified in Conversational Intelligence ® who believes in taking a holistic approach when helping individuals and groups achieve their highest aspirations.

Using her life experience and corporate background, she inspires her clients towards self-empowerment to pave the way for creating powerful shifts, which enable them to feel a renewed sense of purpose, motivation, creativity, and learning to live stress-free lives. Whether these take place in corporate or personal environments, her clients will treasure their ability to travel into uncharted waters safely, securely, and with total integrity.

Ira has helped individuals and teams achieve success through raising self-awareness, empathy, and learning how to deeply reconnect with the self and navigate with others through conversational intelligence.

Focus is nothing more than putting the attention on intention.

With over 20 years of credit experience leading and managing teams in national and global environments, she pursued her passion for coaching and developing people to deliver coaching programs for senior executives, line managers, and entire teams to transform cultures from distrust to trust.

Ira has earned the prestigious designation of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Certified Coach and is one of two hundred and fifty coaches world-wide who received this in the inaugural program.

She is also on the advisory panel of the International Accreditation of Certified Coaches (IACC), and a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF).

Ira’s goal is to help people embrace their personal power and reconnect with their aspirations to live life to their highest potential.



Our vision is for credit professionals to successfully navigate an ever-changing landscape with courage and curiosity.


Our mission is to inspire a paradigm shift for credit professionals and create leaders who connect and navigate with others.


Be True To Who You Are and everything else follows!