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LTFG Confidence Program

Self-confidence is about trusting in your own abilities, qualities and judgement. It describes an internal state based on your belief in self-evaluation, values and worth.

Sadly, it’s generally based on other people’s perception of you. So sometimes we end up in a situation and find ourselves full of negative thoughts, low energy and  discontent and disconnected with life, little self-worth and with seemingly no way out.

There is a way out.

LTFG Communications Model

Our approach has communication at its center, and bridges the cognitive and behavioural barriers of confidence with neuro-scientific coaching methodologies.

This program provides you with discovery, insights and techniques to navigate your world effectively.


Benefits of being more confident include:

  • Mindful thoughts
  • Increased Self-worth
  • More energy
  • Re-connection to life
  • Healthy relationships
  • Endless possibilities


LTFG Confidence Program overview

This program is suitable for one-on-one or group work and can be delivered onsite or online.

Lead – Confidence starts with the awareness that you have a choice. Learn about:

  • Who you are
  • How communication impacts you
  • Mindfulness
  • Your stress states and how to move out of these

Trust – Confidence means you trust what you sense, feel and hear. Learn about:

  • Fear…Trust…and the brain
  • Trusting your gut instinct
  • How to sense, feel and hear and what to do about it

Focus –  Confidence sets focus on what is possible. Learn how to:

  • Create intent for positive change
  • Reset your brain to patterns of success using RAS
  • Create positive communication patterns

Gain – Tools and techniques that set you up for success.


Make confidence your priority

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