A wonderful program! I have lived all my life with some deep seated assumptions and fears that have held me back from going after my steep goals and being my very best. But right on our first meeting Ira gave me some tools to be aware of my ‘big assumptions’ and question their status quo. And then on following sessions, she introduced me to some exercises which just blew me away to the point that I have now started taking control of my emotions and breaking down regressive thought patterns. I would recommend Ira to anyone who is serious about getting to a higher place and don’t mind putting in hard work.

Veera – Commercial Finance Manager (Channel 10)

Ira’s coaching methodology is impactful, effecting lasting and constructive change in how I approach my projects. Not only has my creativity deepened, I am now able to direct it through a structured workflow towards my envisioned end result. Right throughout the coaching engagement her personal presence has been paramount. I recommend Ira 100%.

M.V. – Creative Projects

Words can never express in what Ira has helped me achieve! As my coach, she created a space of understanding, trust and support. She gave me tools and techniques that helped me deal with toxic workplace relationships and manage my time very effectively. Understanding the neuroscience that takes place in re-building relationships, gave me the leverage to effectively connect and communicate with others. I moved from fearful behaviour to being comfortable in expressing myself with empathy. I not only achieved healthy relationships and improved productivity, but she helped me gain the self-confidence to continue onwards and upwards. I recommend Ira to anyone looking to make leaps and bounds in personal and professional development.

Norma – ANZ Credit Manager (Vertiv)

Ira’s coaching couples neuroscience with holistic methodologies to enable clarity in my goal setting and highlight areas of improvement. Through these sessions I have rediscovered confidence to my achieve my life goals. I would recommend Ira to anyone at any stage of their career who seeks practical self-improvement and tools to take their next steps towards whatever they may wish to achieve.

S.N. – Business Analyst (dnata)